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Enterprise! Use Your Sustainability Data to Save the Planet!

The usability of sustainability data is a major problem especially when it is locked up in silos. Leveraging existing corporate data for pursuing global climate targets becomes even more difficult for enterprises which requires some “out-of-box-thinking” or creative approaches.

The problem can be translated into the following question: How can enterprises break down their data silos silos to enable sustainability data initiatives?

Creativity Workshop on identifying and using Sustainability Data in Enterprises

Together with 12 User Experience Experts we discussed this issue in a 2 hours workshop “Enterprise! Use your data to save the planet!” at the World Usability Day 2022 (WUD 2022) which was prepared and moderated by me as guest speaker.

The goals of this workshop were, …

  • raising awareness on carbon reporting.
  • ideation of solutions for collecting relevant emission data in value streams.
  • translating data into new value propositions for products and services in different domains.

It was an interesting workshop with a diverse group with no background knowledge in sustainability. But still we were able to introduce some basic concepts on CO2e reporting as well as find creative ways on how to increase product value by optimizing emission factors in value chains.

The most important learning was, that avoiding CO2e emissions is no rocket since and that existing tools and methods can be sufficient to achieve measurable value.